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25 Products for Winter Wellness

Here are some tips for staying healthy.

I know winter is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the illnesses are over.

I wholeheartedly believe in being prepared for all the germs and bugs that can hit your house.

People are often asking me what my "must haves" are. So here is a list!

These are 25 things to make sure you have on your shelf - ALWAYS! 

You can learn about the oils through these short videos.

(Click on item names to be taken to them)

Great products to boost immune system naturally.

Dawn Humidifier...this has a place to add essential oils for immune support. There is also a package where you can get it with Breathe and On Guard (two oils I mention below!) and save a little money.

→ Vitamin many people who are sick are low on Vitamin D3.

Breathe Oil...for respiratory support.

Eucalyptus Oil...keep lungs clear and functioning at 100%

Rosemary Oil....for those middle of the night coughs.

Natural ways to boost immune system.

Thyme Oil...steam up your bathroom with thyme oil to open lungs.

Melissa Oil...use at the first sign on anything. Just put a drop under your tongue.

On Guard Oil...immunity support. I diffuse this one a lot.

Purify Oil...diffuse for healthy air in your home.

Tips for staying healthy.

Cheer Oil...respiratory support and winter mood support.

Lime Oil...get that mucus out!

Peppermint Oil...respiratory support and energizing in the winter.

DigestZen...for sinus support and tummy support.

Natural ways to boost immune system.

Oregano Oil...a powerhouse to get healthy.

Tea Tree Oil...BFF for your sinuses and ear health.

Clove Oil...incredible antioxidant value.

Vitamin C gel packs...The BEST C on the market for a rapid immunity boost. See the link at the end of the post.

→ Zinc....much needed to keep well. 

Ideas on how to boost immune system naturally.

TerraZyme...daily with meals for gut support.  Gut is tied to immunity and brain health. 

Serenity Softgels...let your body produce it's own natural melatonin for a good night's sleep which promotes strong immunity. 

On Guard Chewable Tablets...daily for everyone. 

EO Mega Capsules....for brain and joint health along with inflammation support. Here is a vegan option.

Stay healthy and natural ways to boost immune system.

VMZ Capsules...keep your body on track with vitamins and minerals that are vital. There is a vegan option for these as well.

On Guard Mouthwash...oral health is so important, and this is the best sore throat gargle available!

Abode Surface Cleaner...clean all areas of your home safely and effectively without the dangerous fumes and toxins that cause long inflammation.

This certified homeopath and aromatherapist ONLY recommends Doterra for purity and safety reasons. 

Stock up now to be ready before you NEED any of these things.

Tips for staying healthy.
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