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Wake Up America

I wrote this several months ago for social media, but it still appplies. It's in my heart and I have to share.


Society would have told Jesus to stay six feet from the lepers.

David just to pray for Goliath, but don't stand up. 

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Noah to get counseling and meds.  That's not God's voice. 

Moses to obey tyrannical Pharaoh. 

Daniel to just comply.

Abraham to stay home.

The Prodigal to be himself, live his own life, repentance isn't necessary.

Shadrach to trust the science...there's no way a fourth person was in that furnace. Even if you see it. 

Paul to not offend people.  Not to speak truth. 

Judas that's it's OK, you were scared. Trust your feelings. 

Jesus not to talk about hell.  It makes people uncomfortable.  

Esther not to be courageous.  

Ruth not to offer herself to Boaz, that's not politically correct feminism.  

King David to commit adultery, and don't feel bad about it. You only have one life to live. 

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Mary don't listen to that fake angel. Look to astrology and horoscopes for your future.  

People to not come witness the miracles of Jesus, it'not safe to be in a crowd.  (But it's OK if it's a feast or party.) 

King Solomon to not seek God for wisdom, go with your feelings.  They are reliable. 

Wake up America.

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