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Turmeric. Have you heard of it? Have you heard that it is good for inflammation? Have you heard that it can help promote healthy-looking skin? Turmeric gets a lot of attention and for good reason. Some cultures have been using it for CENTURIES for its health benefits.

In this short video I share some of the ways I love to use Turmeric.

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So what are the benefits of turmeric and how do you take it? 

The chemical components in Turmeric are known for their nervous system benefits. It may also help support your immune system and circulation. It can also provide metabolic support and antioxidant support when taken internally. Turmeric also has great skin benefits and can promote beautiful looking skin.

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One thing I love about doTERRA is how they seek to source ingredients in ways that will bless the lives of others. I am always so touched when I watch videos about their sourcing. This short two minute video about the sourcing of Turmeric is worth the watch. You will see how they have helped one man support himself, provide employment for others, and be able to educate his children. Amazing.

Uses for Turmeric

Internal - A lot of Turmeric's benefits come from internal use. However, it is not a taste that everyone loves. That's okay. Just put a drop or two in a veggie cap. You get the internal benefits and do not have to taste it. I put a drop or two of Turmeric in my veggie cap EVERYDAY! Here are a few veggie cap combinations you can try using Turmeric!

Different veggie cap combos using Turmeric and other essential oils to support immunity, help achy muscles, help with concentration, and other benefits.

Healthy-Looking Skin - You can enjoy Turmeric's skin benefits by spot treating blemishes. Or mis 4 drops of Turmeric with 4 tsp of a carrier oil. Massage the mixture on your face, then wipe off the excess. If you want to take it one step further here is a Turmeric Face Mask recipe you can try!

A natural recipe for a home face mask using the power of Turmeric essential oil.


Indigestion - Like Ginger, Turmeric can help with indigestion. You can take it in a capsule for this, apply it to your stomach or feet, or diffuse it.

Master the Moodiness - Turmeric can also promote feelings of positivity and improve your mood. So the next time a dark cloud is hanging over you, try one of these diffuser blends!

Essential oil diffuser blends usin Turmeric, On Guard, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Copaiba, and Frankincense.


Better Turmeric Absorption - Turmeric powder has been touted for its health benefits for years. But guess what? Our bodies do not absorb it very well. One of the main chemical components in doTERRA's Turmeric oil aids in absorption of curcuin (one of the things that makes turmeric powder so great!) So doTERRA has created Turmeric Dual Capsules. You get Turmeric oil and powder in the same capsule. It boosts the effectiveness of the powder. So if you want effective turmeric supplements, check them out!!

Golden Milk - Have you heard of this? It has been part of Indian culture for CENTURIES! They believe it can help with the common cold, inflammation, and upset stomach. So here's a recipe you can try. Remember, heating up oils too hot makes them less effective. So warm up the rest of the ingredients and then add your oils. I've been told you can store the excess in the fridge. If you want enough for just one serving, then half or quarter the recipe. To use less oils, dip a toothpick in each oil then swirl it around in the warm liquid. 

A delicious recipe for Golden Milk using Turmer, Cinnamon, and Ginger essential oils.

Coffee Boost - Here's another way to enjoy the internal benefits of Turmeric. Add a little honey, Ginger essential oil, and Turmeric essential oil to your next cup of coffee.

Turmeric Smoothie - If you don't mind the taste of Turmeric try it in a smoothie! Here is a yummy pineapple smoothie recipe you can try out. You get a yummy smoothie, and the internal benefits of Turmeric! 

A delicious pineapple smoothie recipe with the added health benefit of Turmeric.

Tired, Achy Muscles - Do you have achy muscles from working hard in the garden? Did your workout leave you sore? Then try adding Turmeric to a carrier oil and massaging it into your achy muscles. Or you can combine it with Deep Blue and Copaiba for extra power.

 Your turn! How do you like to use Turmeric?

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