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Consider Trades


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It's Time To Consider Trade Occupations

It's time to explore jobs without college degrees.

Big discussions with my children recently. 

There are so many college-educated people with a ton of debt, who are unemployed.

The trades are BEGGING for people.  You can make just as much money, if not more, without the debt, and you will always have a marketable skill.

We need to stop pushing college on everyone.

It's time to explore jobs without college degrees.

It's become just a money-making industry and it's not necessary for many people.  There are some jobs it is necessary for, but many do it just because they think it is the next step.

We need to also teach people how to start a business, learn a trade, and have skills. 

I have a college education that I could care less about. 

The only thing it really taught me was how to work 2 or 3 jobs at the same time (for 5 years) and stress myself out paying my own tuition. 

What did I learn? How to go to college full time, waitress, nanny, and support myself.  That was the valuable part. 

I've learned more from hands-on experience than any classroom ever taught me.

Some trades to consider are: carpenter, electrician, plumber, pipe fitter and steamfitter, mason, painter, hvac, automotive/motorcycle service technician, aircraft maintenance technician, welder, machinist, metal fabricator, licensed practical nurse.

It's time to explore jobs without college degrees.
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