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Emergency Toothache Home Solutions

Three home remedies to help relieve pain associated with tooth discomfort.

It's the middle of the night and all of a sudden a toothache hits. You need relief. It may not be an emergency, but it sure feels like it to you. Good thing you are prepared with some natural remedies that can help you get relief from the discomfort even at night. The great thing is, this can be used for adults or your kids.

Here's three ways to help find relief from a toothache discomfort.

One way to ease tooth discomfort is to use Clove and Myrrh essential oils with On Guard Toothpaste. These will help with that emergency pain in the middle of the night.

#1 Clove, Myrrh, and On Guard Toothpaste

Put a little Clove, Myrrh, and On Guard Toothpaste on your toothbrush. 

Massage it into your gums with your toothbrush.

Gargling with On Guard Mouthwash may help ease discomfort associated with toothaces. Find relief even in the middle of the night.

#2 On Guard Mouthwash

Gargle with On Guard Mouthwash.

Clove essential oil by itself can help ease toothache discomfort. This is a great remedy in an emergency.

#3 Clove on a Cotton Ball

Dilute a few drops of Clove in an edible carrier oil. (Think olive oil, edible coconut oil.)

Dab a clean cotton ball in the solution and let it soak in.

Avoid contact with your gums and apply the cotton ball to the sore tooth.

It can take a few minutes to feel some relief.

You can reapply every two hours in needed.

There you have it! Three simple, natural ways to get relief from discomfort from a toothache. Do you have any home remedies for toothaches? I would love to hear them! Drop a comment below!

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