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Need help disconnecting from the world? Shinrin-Yoku may be what you need.

Shinrin-yoku. Have you heard of it? Maybe you enjoy quiet strolls through the forest. Or reflecting near a forest stream. If you've done these things then you are practicing Shinrin-yoku without even realizing it. Shinrin-yoku is also called forest bathing. It is the simple act of spending time in a forest. This term came about in the 1980s in Japan and Japanese doctors promote it as a therapeutic and beneficial to your health. You are supposed to leave your phone behind. Just meander, sit, and soak in the sights, sounds, and smells around you. It is supposed to be a sensory experience where you escape from the frantic pace of everyday life.

Some studies show that it improves sleep quality, mood, ability to focus, and stress levels. It can improve your physical and mental health.

Need help putting your mind at peace? Shinrin-Yoku is an amazing oil blend to help you feel content.

doTERRA recently developed an oil blend that was inspired by shinrin-yoku. This blend is rich in terpenes which are associated with forest bathing. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in many plants. The Shinrin-Yoku blend is a way to bring the aroma of the forest with you for help calming down, focusing, and centering.

Let's take a look at what is in the Shinrin-Yoku blend.


Distilled Lemon: promotes a cheerful atmosphere.

Patchouli: provides a grounding, earthy aroma.

Magnolia Leaf: commonly used for anxiety, stress, and depression.

Siberian Fir: provides a refreshing, woody scent that are known to be calming and relaxing.

Cypress: is energizing and refreshing with a crisp, clean scent.

Cardamom: provides a spicey, fruity, and balsamic aroma.

Hinoki: promotes a relaxing environment.

Lavandin: is part of the same family as lavender, but tends to have a longer lasting smell.

Grapefruit: creates an uplifting environment.

Geranium: promotes a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

Lemon Petitgrain: provides a relaxing, herbaceous aroma.

Learn about Shinrin Yoku benefits and how it can help you relax.

Benefits of Shinrin-Yoku

So what do you get when you put all of those oils together?

  • You get a blend that contains chemical compounds that are associated with the positive effects of a walk in nature.
  • You get a blend that creates a calming, grounding environment with a refreshing, inspiring aroms.
  • You get a blend that contributes to an energizing, rejuvenatinv experience when combined with the creation of a green space in the home.

Two Forms, Many Uses

Shinrin-Yoku comes in an undiluted form and in a diluted roller bottle form. The roller bottle is a convenient way to apply it topically and to take it with you on the go.

Personal Aroma: If you enjoy the aroma of Shinrin-Yoku then it would make a great personal aroma. Just use the roller bottle version, or dilute the other with a carrier oil, and apply it to your pulse points. This will also help you feel grounded and content throughout the day.

Have you wondered about Shinrin Yoku meaning? Learn about it here.

Relaxing Bath: Because of its relaxing nature, Shinrin-Yoku makes an excellent addition to an Epsom salt bath to help you unwind and relax.

Ready for Bed: To help you relax at night you can add it to your moisturizer and apply it before bed.

Shower Addition: Shinrin-Yoku is also an excellent addition to your shower. Just add a few drops to the shower floor.

Room Spray: Another way to enjoy the aroma of Shinrin-Yoku is to add 10 drops to a spray bottle with water and then spray it around the room.

Diffuse: Shinrin-Yoku's calming aroma is great for diffusing. It can help relieve stress, create a focused atmosphere, or help you relax. Here are some diffuser blends you can try.

Essential oil blends for stress and anxiety.

Diffuser Jewelry: Another way to enjoy the smell of Shinrin-Yoku it to apply a few drops to your diffuser jewelry.

Slow Down and Focus: Shinrin-Yoku's calming aroma is the perfect oil for times when you need to slow down and focus. Whether you are studying, journaling, or just taking a moment for yourself, this is the perfect addition. It

Body Scrub: You can add Shinrin-Yoku to a body scrub for a spa-like experience.

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