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America- Land Of The Regulated and Home Of The People who Watched It Happen 

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As a mother, my heart is so heavy for the America my children and future grandchildren will live in. I have done my best to intentionally teach my children the story of the brave and courageous people who founded this country. People who faced persecution and death. I've taught them about our brave troops who have given their lives to protect our freedoms. Freedoms that we willingly give away in the name of security because an ' expert' tells us something is best.

Do you know your rights? Have you read The Bill of Rights to your children so they are aware of the freedoms that they possess? Have you taught them that they are being taken while the country focuses on what's happening on Netflix, Instagram, and ESPN? Have you told them the only way someone loses their rights is when they consent or become apathetic? What can we do?

Here is a list of things I recommend as an educator and a mother....

1. Read and discuss the Constitution with your children

2. Teach your children the Bill of Rights. Teach them what each one means.

3. Visit Washington DC and teach them how our government works.

4. Talk to them about current events.

5. Get them involved in writing letters to lawmakers.

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6. Make sure they know the history of our country from you, and not just what textbooks stay.


7. Take them to historical sites, national park sites, Civil War battlefields and teach them the real stories of our fights for freedom.

8. Guard their hearts and their influences- Be careful of what voices you allow to speak into their lives.

9. Take them with you to vote, and teach them the importance of using that right.

10. Don't shy away from teaching them about topics such as slavery, the Holocaust. the Civil Rights Movement and more. History very well may repeat itself in other ways.

It is our responsibility to teach these things to our children. This is not to be passed off to the school, church, or television. WAKE UP AMERICA...if you want to remain Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. I pray that future generations are not so regulated that America is no longer recognizable.

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