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Melissa Benefits and Uses

Melissa is a powerful essential oil that can aid in your fight against headaches, viruses, calm you, and boost your mood. This blog post has 10 uses for Melissa essential oils, diffuser blends, and a salt scrub recipe.

Melissa is a favorite essential oil of many. That little bottle packs a lot of power! It can support your immune system, help calm your nerves, and help create a relaxing environment.

Melissa is from Lemon Balm. One thing I love about Lemon Balm is it can survive zones 4-9 while similar plants need zones 8 and higher (plants like Lemongrass and Citronella). Lemon Balm is actually in the mint family. Have you ever grown any mint plants? They are pretty hardy!

Lemon Balm got than name "Melissa" because it is known to attract bees (we need more bees!) and Melissa is Greek for "Honey Bee." It is steam distilled from the leaves and is considered a citrus oil.

So why does it cost so much? If you find a cheap bottle of Melissa, chances are it is not pure. Sometimes companies will blend it with Lemongrass or Citronella to lessen production costs. So if you truly want the benefits of Melissa, pay for the real thing! It takes a lot of labor and time to harvest it, which is why it is more expensive.

So now you have some great background information for Melissa I'm sure you want to know how to use it! Let's give you some ideas!


Internally - Some people like to put a few drops in their mouth to help calm them down. Other's like to add a few drops to a veggie cap to support their immune system. You can also add one drop to four ounces of liquid and consume it that way. 

Skin - You can also add one or two drops to your moisturizer to rejuvenate your skin. Hot day? Add it to a spray bottle with water and spray on your face for similar benefits. 

Diffuse - This oil is known for having a calming effect when diffused. Don't we all need a little more calm in our life? I know there are times when I do. Here are a few diffuser blends with Melissa that you can try out.

Three different diffuser blends that use Melissa essential oil.

Seasonal Threats - Blah! Don't we hate these?! I know several people that use Melissa for sinuses and seasonal threats. Apply a little over the bridge of your nose. This is one that can cause some skin sensitivity, so it's always smart to dilute it with a carrier oil when you first use it topically or if you have sensitive skin.

Calming Effect On the Go - Want that calming effect when you are away from home? Add it to your diffuser jewelry!

Mood Boost - I've also known people to use Melissa to aid in their fight against depression. Try applying it to your forehead, shoulders, or chest to help balance your emotions.

Skin Sores - This includes things like cold sores. Try a few drops directly on the sore.

Some benefits and background information on Melissa essential oil.

Viruses - This stuff is fantastic when you are sick! It aids in a faster recovery. That's a definite benefit! Try it across the bridge of your nose, on the bottom of your feet, on your chest, or under your tongue (it's not going to taste great, sorry).

Headaches - Add 2 drops of Melissa to a teaspoon of carrier oil and apply to your forehead, temples, or neck.

Rock Star - I just had to include this one. When I asked friends how they used Melissa, one said that when they are unmotivated and in a funk they put a drop or two under their tongue. Five to seven minutes later they are a ROCK STAR! Who doesn't need that?!

Bonus Recipe - How about a scrub using Melissa? Try it out!

Recipe for Melissa and Coconut Salt Scrub

So there you have it. 10 uses for this amazing oil. Do you have other ways you like to use it? Share with us in the comments!

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