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10 Uses for Lime Essential Oil

10 Uses for Lime Essential Oil

Lime is an amazing oil with so many uses. And bonus, it is one of the more inexpensive oils. Lime is safe to use topically, internally, and aromatically! It is hard to go wrong with this one. People use it in diffusers, as a cleaner, in beverages, and to cook with. It is really such a diverse essential oil. This oil is cold-pressed from the fresh lime peels. Here are some ways I love to use Lime essential oil.

1. Water - I LOVE to put Lime in my water. It gives it a refreshing flavor and is a great way to boost immunity. I also love to pair it with Wild Orange or Tangerine in my water. You get organ and immunity support.

2. Diffuse - Lime has a sweet, citrusy scent making it very happy and uplifting. It can also help cleanse the air around you when diffused. Here are some great blends you can try!

Lime Diffuser Blends

3. Cleaning - You can make a spray for your kitchen counter using water, a little bit of vinegar, Lemon essential oil, and Lime essential oil. Lemon, Lime, and vinegar together make a great disinfecting combo, and, bonus, it's non-toxic and chemical free!

You can also use Lime to remove sticky residue and grease spots. Just put a little on a cotton pad and rub!

4. Personal Cleansing - You can add a drop of Lime to your facial cleanser or shampoo. It is great for oily skin! Lime is photosensitive (as all citrus oils are), so if you use it topically either make sure you wash it off well before going outside, or do not use it topically when you know you will be outside. As always, if you have not used it topically before, make sure you dilute it with a carrier oil and test it on a small area first.

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5. Gum in Hair - Did you know that Lime can be used to get gum out of your hair? Just apply a drop or to and work the gum out with your fingers or a comb!

6. Summer Drinks - Lime's refreshing, citrus flavor is perfect for summer drinks and punches. Here are some you can try!

Drinks made with Lime essential oil

7. Seasonal Symptoms - Lime is great at helping us battle all of our seasonal symptoms like mucus and sinus congestion. Try one of these things next time you are fighting seasonal symptoms:

- Add a drop or two of Lime in warm water and gargle it.

- Add Lime to cold water and drink it.

- Rub Lime over your throat.

8. Preserve Food - I think most of us know the frustration of a cut avocado browning, or your yummy guacamole dip turning brown before you eat it all. Lime helped protect food from spoiling through infection by microbes. Add a drop or two of Lime to your cut avocado, or to your guacamole. Not only will it help preserve it, but it will add some delicious zest!

10 Uses for Lime Essential Oil

9. Antioxidant - adding Lime to your water can help cleanse your body. You can also try using it assist in relieving achy muscles.

10. Cooking - a few drops of Lime can be a fantastic addition to your recipes! You can use it as a substitute for fresh lime or other citrus oils. Start with just a bit, and add more if needed.

Here is a recipe for Shredded Salsa Lime Chicken from Recipes with Essential Oils to try your Lime essential oil in.

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