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10 Uses for Lemon Eucalyptus

A blog post giving 10 uses for Lemon Eucalyptus. Many of the uses help replace toxic products in your home.

What is Lemon Eucalyptus?

Lemon + Eucalyptus. How can you go wrong?!

But really, this oil is not a combination of the two. The tree is found in Australia, like the Eucalyptus tree. The tree is called the lemon-scented gum or blue spotted gum, and lemon eucalyptus is a nickname. It really isn't a citrus tree, but it has a lovely lemon scent.

You can learn more about it in a short video found on this page.

Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil is refreshing, it's uplifting, and it has great cleansing properties. So what does that mean for use? Let's look at some ways to use this oil.

A blog post talking about the uses of Lemon Eucalyptus and includes a recipe for a natural room spray and surface cleaner.

Uses for Lemon Eucalyptus

Room Spray - We all love a fresh smelling room, right? But trust me, store bought air fresheners are filled with things that are not good for you. You do not need those household toxins. So ditch the store bought and make this SIMPLE room spray.

- 4 oz glass spray bottle

- 2 tbs witch hazel (this helps the water and oil mix together)

- 30 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil

- distilled water

First put the witch hazel in then add the Lemon Eucalyptus. Give the bottle a few gentle shakes to mix them up. Then fill the rest of the bottle with the distilled water. You can really use any essential oil with this recipe. Lemon Eucalyptus will give the room a refreshing scent.

Diffuse - Lemon Eucalyptus has a citrus smell, so that means it is naturally uplifting. Do you want a natural mood boost? Lemon Eucalyptus! It goes well with Spearmint, Lime, Lemon, Clary Sage, and Black Pepper. You can also try one of these diffuser blends! Don't have time to diffuse, but want the uplifting benefit? Just put a drop or two in your palms, cup your hands to your nose and inhale!

Lemon Eucalyptus diffuser blends.

Surface Cleaner - Here's another recipe to help you remove toxins from your household! By making your own natural cleaner you can know you have a cleaning product that is safe for pregnancy, safe for babies, safe for dogs, safe for cats, safe for everyone! That is peace of mind.

Mist all ingredients in a glass spray bottle, and enjoy the cleaning power of these oils without the worry of toxins!

A recipe for a natural surface cleaner using Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil.

Massage - Are you wondering what helps sore muscles after a workout? Lemon Eucalyptus! Just add 3-4 drops to fractionate coconut oil and massage it into the muscles. Even if you don't have sore muscles you can use this as a relaxing massage oil. No need to buy massage oil, you can make your own!

Facial Cleanser or Moisturizer - All right, we've already covered that Lemon Eucalyptus has natural cleansing properties. How about a natural face cleanser? Yes! You can use it in a DIY Facial Cleanser recipe, or just add a drop to the cleanser or moisturizer you already use. This oil can cause skin sensitivity so make sure you test it on your skin first by diluting it in a carrier oil.

Toothpaste - Cleansing! Another great way to benefit from Lemon Eucalyptus' cleansing power. Just add a drop to your toothpaste to help cleanse your teeth.

Shampoo - Okay. I know. You've got it. Lemon Eucalyptus helps clean. Here's another way to take advantage of that. Put a drop in your shampoo. You increase the cleansing power of your shampoo and it becomes a moisturizer shampoo for dry scalps. 

Jewelry Cleaner - You can also use Lemon Eucalyptus for a natural jewelry cleaner!

A recipe for a natural jewelry cleaner using Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil.

Laundry Rinse - All right. We've used it for surfaces, skin, teeth, hair/head, how about laundry now? Just add a few drops to the rinse cycle and let it boost your washing machine's cleansing power.

Bug Spray - Lemon Eucalyptus is a natural bug repellent. You'll find many lemon scented plants have properties that help repel mosquitos. Here's abug repellant you can use with Lemon Eucalyptus,  but a word of warning, this is potent, so it is not for children or pets.

- 1/2 c water

- 1/2 cup witch hazel

- a little vinegar (optional)

- 30-40 drops of Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil

Mix them all up in an amber spray bottle. Spray on the skin and the rub it!

A recipe for a natural bug spray using Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil.

There you have it! 9 ways to use your Lemon Eucalyptus. Do you love Lemon Eucalyptus? Tell us your favorite way to use it!

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