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Laurel Leaf Essential Oil

This blog post talks about the benefits of Laurel  Leaf essential oil and gives some specific uses for the oil.

Laurel Leaf is an essential oil that you can only purchase during special promotions. So when it becomes available you want to jump on the chance to get it! If you place a 125 PV LRP order by November 15th through doTERRA than you get Laurel Leaf for FREE!! You do need to be a member of doTERRA to take advantage of this. Have questions about becoming a member you can message me or check out the information on my webpage,

A Little Background

What is Laurel Leaf? The plant is native to the Mediterranean and a symbol of victory in Greek mythology. (Think ancient Olympics!) 

Laurel Leaf smells herbal, minty and refreshing. You can find it in doTERRA's Breathe blend that is used to promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing. 

Did you know the laurel leaf is also known as the bay leaf? So maybe you have used it in your soups and stews before without realizing it!

Benefits of Laurel Leaf

This little bottle can promote feelings of courage and confidence. Got a challenging day at work ahead of you? Try Laurel Leaf. Talking with that family member that you are intimidated by? Try Laurel Leaf.

It can also promote feelings of concentration, focus, and clarity. Great for school work and occupations.

Laurel Leaf also has cleansing properties. This is because of the constituent eucalyptol it contains. It can be used to help cleanse the sking OR as a surface cleanser.

So let's get into some specific uses!

Uses of Laural Leaf

Massage - Laurel Leaf is soothing to the skin. This makes it perfect to add to some fractionated coconut oil for a massage.

Lotion - Because Laurel Leaf can help soothe the skin, it is also a great essential oil to add to your moisturizer. This is especially great before bedtime.

Skin Care - Laurel Leaf's cleansing properties make it great to add to your skin care. It can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and prmotes a clear looking complexion. 

Diffusing - Of course you can diffuse Laurel Leaf to enjoy its uplifting and confidence-inspiring aroma.

An essential oil diffuser blend using two drops of Laurel Leaf, two drops of Peppermint, and two drops of Spearmint.
An essential oil diffuser blend using two drops of Laurel Leaf, three drops of Grapefruit, and three drops of Wild Orange.
A diffuser blend using two drops of Laurel Leaf, two drops of Eucalyptus, and two drops of Lavender.

Surface Cleaner - Again, the eucalyptol in Laurel Leaf make it a great cleaner. Add a few drops of Lemon essential oil, and Laurel Leaf essential oil to a spray bottle. Top off with water. You now have a natural surface cleaner with a great refreshing smell! You could also use it as cleaner in water by itself.

Morning Confidence - Got a big day ahead of you? Need a little extra boost in the morning? Add a few drops of Laurel Leaf to your morning shower. It will promote an aroma of confidence and courage!

After Workout Relief - Try adding a few drops of Laurel Leaf to Deep Blue Rub and then rubbing it on your muscles and joints after a workout.

Open Airways - I mentioned that Laurel Leaf is used in doTERRAs Breathe blend that is used to promote clear breathing. You can also apply a few drops of diluted Laurel Leaf to your chest and neck for respiratory support.

Muscle Cramping - Laurel Leaf may help ease menstrual cramping. Apply a little to your abdomen during cramping.

These Laurel Lear Reed Diffusers are another fun way to use this oil!

A DIY idea using Laurel Leaf essential oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, and Reed Diffuser Sticks to make a Laurel Leaf Reed Diffuser.

If you'd like to learn about more essential oils I have many posts about individual oils. I also have a post that talks about what I wished I knew when I started using essential oils. Here are links to a few of them.

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