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How To Talk To Your Child About Sex

OK parents.

I have had quite a few moms reach out to me over the years asking advice on when, what age, and how to teach your children about sex.

I am in no way an expert, but I can tell you that I have been a Mom for 19 years and I have worked with children for many years more than that with a background in education.

How to Talk To Your Child About Sex

My Advice

Here is my best advice 

1. Don't make it be a big, awkward conversation.

Just work it naturally into your other conversation about love and marriage.

2. You will know where they are mentally by the questions they ask.

3. Don't act like it's wrong or embarrassing.

How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

4. Be open, and answer questions honestly at their level.


5. Look for age appropriate books on the topic. But beware… there are many out there that may not lineup with your worldview or life experience. Pre read them before handing them to your child.


6. Be intentional about looking for opportunities to teach this. If not...the world and the media will.


7. This is your responsibility.

Not the schools.

Not the teachers.

Not the internet.

Not the TV.

Not their friends


10 Tips to Talk to Your Child About Sex

8. Listen for inaccurate information that they may have been given by a peer. Honestly and openly give them the correct information.


9. Teach them that sex is not a taboo subject, and that they can always come to you.


10. There isn't a " correct" age. Every child is different.


Just like learning styles....children are not cookie cutters.


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