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10 Thoughts From a Homeschool Mom to a Public School Mom

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Moms are amazing people. Stay at home moms. Working moms. Birth moms. Adoptive moms. Stepmoms. Foster moms. The title of "Mom" in any sense is sacred, beautiful , and the most noble calling. Mommy wars are rampant, and do nothing but tear women down . One mommy war that has strong sides with intense opinions is the war of schooling choices. It often causes hurt feelings and broken friendships. As someone who went to public school and private school, went to college to be a teacher, has substitute taught every grade, and has been a homeschool mom...I can see all sides. As a current homeschooling momma, here are some things I'd like to say to my public school momma friends...

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1. I never want to argue with you about your children's education and your choices. I know you are the parent and know what's best for your child.

2. Please don't judge me for homeschooling. Not all children thrive by sitting at a desk or doing workbooks. Learning styles are very different and should be respected. Let's show love.

3. I want our children to be friends.

4. I can learn things from you, and you can learn things from me.

5. HOW in the world do you get your children out the door EVERY morning on time? I think you are AWESOME for that. I can never seem to get to 9am Co op or 9am art class on time. Being on time every morning makes you a supermom.

6. You never have to worry about my children being socialized. They are in the community daily talking to everyone, volunteering, taking lessons, going to activities, and getting tutoring according to their needs. I won't make passive aggressive Facebook posts if you won't. Can we NEVER say the "S" word again?

7. Let's support each other, Let's cheer each other on. Let's not let this be another issue to divide women.

8. If I look a little tired, remember the days when you had a baby. That's what homeschooling is like. Someone always needs me. I am responsible for every subject and extra curricular for every child. Down time or " me" time are pretty non existent in my world. Give me some grace if I don't respond to every message to text quickly.

9. If you think of me during the day...I'd love a grande coffee from Starbucks with almond milk and stevia delivered to my door. I'm dealing with division and fractions. Pray for me.

10. I'm here if you are ever in need of a friend.

Can we put the schooling wars to rest? If women came together, we could be a powerful force for change and for good. Every one of us is doing the very best for our child that we know how.

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