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Homeschool tips from a seasoned homeschooler.

Tips From a Seasoned Homeschooler

Well, here's my back to school picture.

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Year 18 of homeschooling starts tomorrow.

Things I've learned after almost 2 decades...

1. Every child is completely different. They aren't cookie cutters so their curriculum should match their interests, needs, and learning styles.

2. School doesn't need to take more than a few hours when you cut fluff or unnecessary things.

3. Real books are always our choice over textbooks.

4. Nature, travel, community activities, volunteering and exploring are the best teachers.

5. We have complete freedom to do school how we want to.

6. Cursive is important so they can read historical documents.

13 tips for homeschooling from a homeschool veteran.

7. God's word is the ultimate authority in every subject.

8. The Bible, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and Constitution are top priority over all other things.

9. Knowing how to find and comprehend information is more important than memorizing facts for a test.

10. Life skills and survival skills are more important than calculus or diagramming sentences.

11. If it doesn't work, we do something else. We don't stick with a curriculum just because it's paid for if it's not the best.

12. Current events need to be discussed every day, with an emphasis on Biblical worldview.

13. Chores are essential yearfor children to help with and are a part of our day. They need to know how a household runs.

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