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Room sprays, body wash, dark chocolate, personal aromas, a train diffuser, and more...Amazing limited edition items just in time for the holidays.

Every year doTERRA graces us with some amazing items that are only available for the holidays. This year does not disappoint. Their holiday collection includes special cooking oil blends; gluten-free, keto-friendly dark chocolate; an ADORABLE train diffuser; and so much more! Many of them make great gifts, whether you are spoiling yourself, or want to treat someone else.

Because I don't want you to miss out on any of these AMAZING items I wanted to write a post to highlight them.

Essential oil blends perfectly mixed for your favorite recipes.

Cuisine Collection ($47 wholesale | $62.67 retail)

There are four special blends in this collection. If you do not want to get the whole collection you can buy them individually. It includes blends that were created with pure essential oils, perfect for adding some flavor to your favorite recipes. There is even a free cookbook you can download to inspire you.

Italian Blend ($19 wholesale | $25.33 retail)

  • This is olive oil infused with Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Marjoram, and Oregano. The perfect blend for your pizzas, pastas, dips, and marinated meat.

Mexican Blend ($15 wholesale | $20 retail)

  • This is avocado oil infused with Lime, Cumin, Black Pepper, Cilantro, and Marjoram. This blend will take you south of the border and add the perfect flavor to your tacos, fajitas, and homemade salsa.

Thai Blend ($24.50 wholesale | $32.67 retail)

  • This is coconut oil infused with Coriander, Galanga, Cumin, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Kaffir Lime, Ginger, Basil, and Pink Pepper. It is a great blend for your curries, soups, noodles, and more. Not sure what Galanga is? It is closely related to ginger and turmeric.

Tropical Blend ($15 wholesale | $20 retail)

  • Ready for a trip to the islands? Maybe that's not feasible right now, but you can add an island touch to your cooking. This includes Wild Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Green Mandarin, Bergamot, Yuzu, and Ylang Ylang. You'll love this in your smoothies, tropical drinks, or for a marinade.
Gluten-free dark chocolate, diffuser garland, eo storage case, and an adorable train diffuser. Great items for people on your gift list.

Dark Chocolate Mini Bars ($9.50 wholesale | $12.67 retail)

Did someone say chocolate?! And this chocolate is keto-friendly, sugar-free, and gluten-free! That doesn't mean it lacks flavor. It is also includes Wild Orange essential oil, freeze-dried raspberries, and finely chopped almonds.

Diffusing Garland ($12.50 wholesale | $16.67 retail)

Available December 1st

Most years there is a holiday item that sells out quickly. I'm predicting this year is will be this adorable garland. It is 9-ft long and made of small wool balls. You can add drops of your favorite oil to add a healthy holiday scent to the room. Even better, these garlands are made by the women of Kathmandu. They are a part of doTERRA's Co-Impact Sourcing where they help provide jobs and improve economic well-being to those in impoverished areas. This is a decoration you'll be pulling out every year!

Essential Oil Storage Case ($16 wholesale | $21.33 retail)

I know some people are VERY excited for this cute storage bag. It is a smokey plum plaid and can store up to 15 essential oil bottles. The inside contains a velvit grid, and it has a nonskid bottom. It's a stylish way to safely take your oils with you.

Train Diffuser with Stronger Oil: ($49.50 wholesale | $66 retail)

I DIED when I saw this diffuser at convention. It is the most adorable thing. It has an authentic train whistle sound (at the touch of a button), and the aromatic steam comes out of its smokestack. I know A LOT of people are excited about this one! This even comes with a bottle of Stronger oil, which you can learn more about at this short video.

Holiday smells to make your home feel cozy and feel it with the scent of Christmas.

Holiday Joy ($26.50 wholesale | $35.33 retail)

A happy blend of oils that brings the warm, spicy, sweet smells of the holidays to your home. You can diffuse this (on your diffusing garland or the adorable holiday train diffuser!) to create an aroma free from toxins that are found in many candles and air fresheners. It includes Wild Orange, Clove, Siberian Fir, and Peru Balsam. Here's a short video telling you more about Holiday Joy.

Holiday Peace ($26.50 wholesale | $35.33 retail) & Holiday Peace Room Spray ($6.75 wholesale | $9 retail)

Here is another safe blend to help make your home smell like the holidays. This one has a fresh woodsy smell and contains Siberian Fir, Douglas, Fir, Himalayan Fir, Grapefruit, Frankincense, and Vetiver. You can diffuse this one or even put it on your pulse points when you are needing a bit of tranquility during the holidays. This one also comes in a room spray ready to freshen up any living space. For more information on Holiday Peace, watch this short video.

Hygge Room Spray ($9.50 wholesale | $12.67 retail)

Hygge is a cozy blend of oils that brings a comforting feel to any home. Enjoy the blend in a pre-mixed room spray to add comfort to any living space. Here is a short video about the Hygge blend.

Personal aromas free of toxins and safe for everyone. Smell beautiful without endangering your health!

Kintana Oil ($39.50 wholesale | $52.67 retail)

Available December 1st

I know this is a personal aroma many people look forward to being avaiable! This limited scent includes Ylang Ylang, Gardenia, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli, and Clove. Smell beautiful without putting harmful toxins on your body.

Majestic Lore ($39.50 wholesale | $52.67 retail)

Available December 1st

This is another persnoal aroma that is for both men and women. This one was inspired by Canada's majestic wilderness. It includes Black Spruce, Balsam Fir, Bergamot, and other wood essential oils.

Sol No 3 Essential Oil Personal Aroma ($39.50 wholesale | $52.67 retail)

Want another personal aroma that is safe to put on your body? This one contains Mandarin, Sandalwood, and Davana. It is uplifing and inspiring. It provides a beautiful sweet, citrusy aroma.

Blue Lotus Touch ($66 wholesale | $88 retail)

This touch roller is another great option for a personal fragrance. The Blue Lotus (or water lily) often represents long life, health, honor, and good luck. It has a relaxing, floral aroma, and can serve as a natural skin moisturizer. doTERRA has partnered with many small village farmers for the harvesting of these blossoms. These efforts help the farmers make a living and support their families.

Midnight Forest - an amaing blend for the men in your life. Enjoy the oil, after shave, and body wash.

Midnight Forest Items: Midnight Forest is an woody, spicy blend. You can enjoy it in the oil, in the After Shave Lotion, or Body Wash.

Midnight Forest Essential Oil ($38 wholesale | $50.67 retail)

  • This blend includes Siberian Fir, Cypress, Juniper Berry, Black Spruce, Wild Orange, and Frankincense.

Midnight Forest After Shave Lotion ($17.50 wholesale | $23.33 retail)

Available December 1st

  • An after shave lotion that will leave skin hydrated and soothed. It has the woody, spicy scent of the Midnight Forest essential oil.

Midnight Forest Body Wash ($13.25 wholesale | $17.67 retail)

Available December 1st

  • An amazing body wash that thoroughly cleans without irritating the skin.

Midnight Forest Gift Set ($28.50 wholesale | $38 retail)

Available December 1st

  • The perfect gift for the men in your life. It includes the Midnight Forest After Shave Lotion and Body Wash.
Malama is the smell of Hawaii. Pamper yourself with the moisturizing bath bar or the restorative hand cream.

Malama Items: Malama brings the feel of Hawaii into your home. Malama means to be good stewards and using the precious gifts of the earth to share hope and wellness with others.

Malama Oil ($29.50 wholesale | $39.33 retail) 

  • This oil is fruity, woody, and floral. Malama is a blend of bright citrus, enchanting floral, and centering wood aromas.

Malama Moisturizing Bath Bar ($9.50 wholesale | $12.67 retail)

  • This bath bar is made with Malama essential oil and creates a gentle, rich lather. It will leave the skin feeling hydrated and clean.

Malama Restorative Hand Cream ($28.75 wholesale | $38.33 retail)

  • This cream has the scent of Malama while noroushing the skin and providing intense hydration that absorbs quickly.

Malama Collection ($55 wholesale | $73.33 retail)

Available mid-November

  • This gift set includes the a 15 mL bottle of Malama oil, Malama Moisturizing Bath Bar, and the Malama Restorative Hand Cream. This would be a wonderful gift for someone on your list.


Complete your shopping for everyone on your list through doTERRA and their special holiday collection.

So many things to be excited for! Did you purchase any of them? If so, which ones did you get?

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