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How to Survive Hard Times

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I'm really proud of my friends I see getting second jobs, starting businesses, selling things, budgeting, bartering, cutting costs, etc. Instead of expecting the government and others to take care of them they are taking action. I see young children starting business, learning crafts, and finding ways to honestly earn money. I LOVE IT! When we have a need we should first consider what WE can do to fill that need. Welfare and church programs should not be our emergency savings. WE should prepare for hard times.

A friend told me, "The best place to go when you need money is to work." This is SO true!

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This is a hard economical time. I see people stepping up to deal with it. And I love what I am seeing from them.

People are tough when they need to be.

I too am looking at how I can cut costs. I've canceled a trip to Salt Lake City to attend the doTERRA Diamond Retreat. I would love to be there with friends, but I cannot justify $1500 in gas. It would cost even more for my daughter and I to fly there. I could do it. But is it good stewardship? No. So I canceled my trip.

I am also postponing a two week Route 66 trip I had planned for this summer. This was not easy. This is a major bucket-list item for me. Hopefully it will happen sometime soon.

I have trips planned in September and October. At this point I am still planning on taking them. Here's hoping for change.

If you want change...pray, vote, get involved, and teach your family to be as self sufficient as possible away from systems that dictate how you live .

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