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Ginger: So Many Benefits

Ideas on how to use Ginger Essential oil

What if I told you that there is something that can ease occasional indigestion, help with occasional motion sickness, support digestion, and provide yummy flavor to recipes?!

Well, you get all of that and more in Ginger essential oil.

A lot of people turn to DigestZen for digestion support. What happens if you run out of DigestZen or just don't have it? Ginger. It is a great substitute for DigestZen.

Or have you ever dealt with nausea during pregnancy and had your doctor or someone else suggest you drink ginger ale or ginger tea? If you Google how to alieve pregnancy nausea some form of ginger will be all over the results!

So why not use a form of ginger that is tested and pure? If you reach for one of those ginger drinks you are likely getting other things with it. Possibly things you don't want to be putting in your body.

This is why I love doTERRA Ginger so much. They source responsibly, they test for purity, they do not add anything else to their Ginger. They are dedicated to quality and purity.

Just how great is Ginger? Well, it is also found in Cheer, DigestZen, MetaPWR, the Brightening Gel, Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex, TerraZyme, DigestTab, Alpha CRS+, Microplex VMz, and xEO Mega. Did you catch all of those? Metabolic support, daily vitamins and supplements, digestion powerhouses, supplements for healthy joints. Ginger is in ALL OF THOSE! That should give you an idea of why this oil is so great.

So read on to learn some of the great uses of this oil!

Dry irritated throat? Try this...

Ginger Uses

Indigestion - Take Ginger internally to help ease occasional indigestion. You can take it internally by diluting a drop in 4 ounces of liquid. You can also take a drop or two in a veggie cap.

Nausea - One of the ways Ginger can help with nausea is by taking it internally.

Personal Products - There are some great personal products you can make with Ginger. Sugar scrubs to exfoliate. Potpourri to freshen a room. Bath bombs for a relaxing bath. These are so great for gifts. Here are some DIY recipes to try!

Want a diy sugar scrub for body? Here's a great one!
Have you wondered how to make sugar scrubs to sell? Here are some recipes!
Here are recipes if you've wondered how to make sugar scrubs to sell.
Want an easy bath bomb recipe? Try this Gingerbread one!

Motion Sickness - There are several ways you can use Ginger to help with motion sickness. You can put a drop or two behind your ears. You can diffuse it in the car. You can inhale it from the palms of your hands.

Soothing - Did you know that Ginger can be calming and soothing? Just diffuse it or massage it into your skin with a carrier oil. Here are some diffuser blends you can try with Ginger.

Here are essential oil diffuser blends featuring Ginger essential oil.

Joint Health and Antioxidant Benefits - Did you know that Ginger can support healthy joint function? It also has antioxidant benefits.

Bloating - Bloating, gas...these things are uncomfortable and embarrassing. Ginger may also help reduce bloating and gas when taken internally.

Food! - Ginger is a great oil to cook with! Thai food, ginger snaps, banana bread, pies, cookies, and so much more! Here are several recipes for you to try!

Want honey roasted sweet potatoes? Try this recipe!
Try these yummy pumpkin cookies.

Soothing to the Throat - Irritated throats are annoying and sometimes just miserable. Every time you swallow you feel it. It hurts. Here are two ways you can use Ginger to help.

Have you ever wondered  how to make honey and lemon for cough? Here's a simple way.
Try these homemade cough drops.

Ginger Digestive Drops - If all of that isn't enough. You can also buy digestive drops that include Ginger and Lemon essential oils to help support digestion and ease occasional stomach discomfort.

Ever wonder how to use ginger for cooking? Look no further!

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