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10 Tips For Beginning Essential Oil Users

1. Don't be nervous. Oils are super safe so use them often! There is nothing to be scared of! If used the right way some can even be safe for pets. They can help with so many different things from skin, hair, anxiety, and indigestion.

2. Don't stick with the same few over and over. Incorporate many different oils into the day, and don't get into an oil rut.

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3. Experiment! Don't be apprehensive about creating new diffuser blends, roller bottles, and layering oils for added benefits.

4. Get several reference books for ideas. There are so many out there. Here are links to some great ones!

I love finding great things on Amazon, and sometimes share my finds on my blog. I am an affiliate and do receive a small commission for things purchased through my Amazon links.

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5. Remember to use oils for emotional reasons along with physical reasons. They are a HUGE help for focus, stress, and anxious feelings.

6. Add oils into your daily routine and the things you already do. For example, keep your Frankincense by your coffee maker. Whenever you make a cup of coffee, put a drop of Frankincense under your tongue. Associate oil use with another habit that you already do so you don't forget!

7. Take a minute every morning and evening to fill diffusers to experience the wonderful aroma benefits of oils.

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8. Take advantage of Doterra's Loyalty Reward Program. You will get reimbursed shipping and earn points for free stuff! If you have questions on how to do this, just let me know!

9. Be active in an online oil support group for ideas and to have a place to ask questions and get them answered.

10. Never doubt the oils. They are safe, effective and affordable. There truly IS and oil for that!

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I love finding deals and fun things on Amazon. I also love sharing my finds with others! I am an Amazon Affiliate and earn a small commission for purchases made through these links.