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Don't Blink

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They grow up so quick. Don't miss a moment.

A Message to Moms

That soccer game, that ballet recital, that field trip, those snuggles....

Don't miss any of it.

Nothing is more important.

This morning as I am pondering this, I see my children growing up before my eyes. It is absolutely unbelievable that it's been 17 years since God told me to start homeschooling. 20 years since He told me to stop working.

I do not regret for one minute the job offers and financial opportunities that I have chosen not to take.

Why staying home with my kids has been the best decision I've made.

Careers that I know I would love and I know I would have been good at. Places I know I could have made a difference.

God showed me as a young mother that making a difference with my own children was the best use for my skills and gift in that season.

I'll never regret it. I'll hold on to these times in my heart forever. The close relationships we share do not have a price.

My children aren't perfect. They mess up. They make mistakes. But then they tell me about it. They don't hide it. That is my reward. ♥️

The choice to be present, and speak into their life...even at this stage and they get older.

I don't miss the material things that I didn't have because of financial choices to be with my children.

Why I'm so glad I have been present for my kids.

So moms just starting out....don't blink. It goes SO fast.

Working, staying at home, school or homeschooling.....don't miss a thing. ♥️

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