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A Distraction to Divide

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The Division of our Country

What is the Roe vs. Wade decision trying to distract us from?

I feel like God has given me some revelation that I feel like I'm supposed to share.

There are big feelings happening all over...





This is not a debate of the issue.

Abortion is not banned. This overturn now puts it back into the hands of each state. That is fact. The Supreme Court does not make laws.

This is a distraction, and a false flag event. Prophets told us this would happen. Please look past this to what they are trying to distract us from. It's huge...

This is hot button issue that they knew would get the entire country worked up one way or the other. It's all part of the plan. They are dividing on purpose. Easier to gain control when the people are not united.

Their plan is working...

Keep watching.

What is the Roe vs. Wade decision trying to distract us from?

For I see my newsfeed in complete chaos of celebration and anger...I can do nothing but weep tears of thankfulness that I didn't listen to the doctors telling me I could end my son's life to save mine.

My sweet, amazing son.

I cry for the 2 babies I lost and know they are waiting for me in Heaven. God confirmed that to me Thursday.

Jesus, America needs you now.

We are hurting.

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