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Digestive Support

· Essential Oils,Natural Health
DigestZen products are a natural way to improve the digestive system.

Supporting Your Digestive System

Chances are you don't think much about your digestive system until you have trouble with it. It is definitely an important part of our bodies though. Think about it. Its job is to break down the food we eat and absorb nutrients so that the nutrients can be absorbed into our blood. Our digestive system includes our GI tract, stomach, liver, kidneys, and gallbladder. That is a lot of body parts involved! No wonder when something is wrong with our digestive system we are miserable!

doTERRA has a lot of natual products designed to support your digestive system. PB Assist, Celery Seed, Phytoestrogen Essential Complex, Peppermint Softgels, Ginger, and Fennel are some of them, but in this post we are going to focus on the DigestZen line of products.

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What is DigestZen?

DigestZen is a blend of essential oils that was created to aid in the digestion of food, soothe occasional upset stomachs, and reduce uncomfortable gas and bloating. Let's talk about the individual oils that make up the DigestZen blend.

Peppermint: Internal use of Peppermint can support healthy digestion. Peppermint oil can also ease occasional stomach upset when taken internally.

Cardamom: This oil can aid digestion when taken internally. It is a relative to Ginger. It also support gastrointestinal function and can ease indigestion when taken internally.

Coriander: When used internally it can gently cleanse and help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Ginger: This is an oil that people often think of to help calm stomachs. It can support digestive health and help reduce feelings of nausea.

Caraway: Did you know that Caraway has be used to support digestion since Ancient Egypt?! Caraway oil can help ease flatulence and acts as an overall digestive tonic.

Anise: Europeans often add Anise to baked goods and liquors to promote healthy digestion. This one has potent digestive benefits.

Fennel: Fennel can help relieve discomfort associated with indigestion and can nurture a healthy intestinal tract.

You can learn more about DigestZen in this short, minute-long video.

How do I Use DigestZen

You can benefit from the DigestZen blend in several different forms. Let's talk about how to use each one.

DigestZen Oil

Aid Digestion and Soothe Digestive Disturbances: Take the oil internally to aid in digestion. You can add a drop 4 ounces of water or put it in a veggie cap.

Motion Sickness: If you are about to go on a plane, car ride, or anything else that can cause motion sickness, try taking DigestZen internally. You can also rub 1-4 drops on your stomach.

Road trip in your future? Be prepared for the windy roads and their adverse effects!

Food, Food, Food: During times when you know that you will be eating heavier meals, keep your DigestZen on hand. Using it during large meals can help aid digestion and prevent discomfort. This applies to times when you are traveling and will be trying new foods as well.

Bruises: The Fennel in DigestZen is effective on diminishing the appearance of bruises. Next time you have a bruise, apply a drop of Helichrysum and DigestZen to the bruise.

Plugged Ears: Do you have plugged up ears? Try applying DigestZen behind the ears.

Mucus: Bonus use! Some people have found that DigestZen can help break up mucus. Just apply it on your throat and over your sinuses.

Some people use DigestZen to help break up mucus! Learn how!

DigestZen Touch

This is a prediluted form of the oil that comes in a roller bottle. It makes it easy to apply topically and take on the go. Because it is prediluted you can safely use it on your kids.

DigestZen Softgels

These are the oil in a softgel formula. This is another great way to enjoy the internal benefits of DigestZen. So when you are experiencing digestive discomfort, about to eat a large meal, or trying new food -- you can reach for your DigestZen Softgels.


Maybe you don't like swallowing pills or want to drink DigestZen. Then you will want to consider DigestTab. It is DigestZen in a chewable tablet. It also contains calcium carbonate which helps reduce burning sensations due to its acid-neutralizing effects. This is a great one to reach for when you are experiencing heartburn and indigestion. It can also help in times of stomach upset, belching, and bloating.

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This is another great part of the DigestZen line. This one contains whole-food enzymes that help with the digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fiber. TerraZyme helps digest your food, supports the conversion of food to energy, and promotes gastrointestinal comfort. You can take 1-3 TerraZyme capsules with meals. The healthier the meal, the fewer capsules you need. If you are eating a meal full of highly processed, cooked foods or foods you know cause you GI discomfort, take 2-3 capsules.

There you have it. Five wonderful products in the DigestZen line to help with digestion, bloating, gas, nausea, motion sickness, and other stomach-related discomforts.

Safe, natural ways to support your digestive system.

Which one of these have you used?

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