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Balance Essential Oil

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An essential oil blend to help you find focus and calm down.

The world is full of so much noise and chaos. It can be easy to let it all overwhelm you. That is when I am particularly grateful for my faith, and oils that provide emotional support. Balance is a powerful blend that can help support a calming and focused environment.

Here is a short video (under two minutes) talking about some popular benefits and uses for Balance.

A Look Inside

Balance is a blend of several pure oils.

Frankincense, the King of oils. You know any blend that includes this has got to be good. Frankincense can promote feelings of peace and contentment. It promotes relaxation, a positive mood, and a strong mind-body connection.

Spruce is known for its grounding properties. It has a fresh, woody aroma. When used aromatically it can soothe away stress and help with blocked emotions.

Ho Wood helps to soothe the mind and body. It can also introduce feelings of peace. It has powerful grounding and calming properties.

Blue Tansy has a soft, sweet, and fruity aroma that can help uplift moods.

Blue Chamomile can be calm and comforting. It is helpful in easing feelings of disappointment, worry, and discouragement.

Osmanthus can help ease feelings of stress.

Uses for Balance

Now let's talk about some specific ways to use Balance.

A Good Start - If you want to start your day out right, try putting Balance on the bottom of your feet to promote feelings of calmness and tranquility. You can also apply it to the bottom of your feet to help you unwind before bed.

Focus - Balance is my go-to when I am going a million miles a minute, and have a million "tabs" open in my brain. It helps me close down all the tabs except the one I need to focus on, so that I can complete the task at hand. Try diffusing Balance in whatever room you are working in.

A natural way to increase focus and concentration.

Car Rides - Balance is a great one to diffuse on car rides. It would pair great with Citrus Bliss. Put a drop or two of each on a cotton swab and stick it in your air vent, or buy a car diffuser. They will help keep people calm for the drive.

Restful Sleep - A lot of people love Balance for nighttime diffusing. It can be what they need to help clear their mind and unwind. Many people love to diffuse it with Serenity.

Diffuser recipes using Balance essential oil that can help with restful sleep, focus, and relaxation.

Calming Throughout the Day - Have a stressful day ahead? Balance can be your friend. Try putting it on some diffuser jewelry, or put a drop or two on your wrists and temples.

Soothing Bath - Need help unwinding before your head hits the pillow? Add two to three drops of Balance to an Epsom salt bath. It will help you relax and help you feel renewed. Some people say this helps them get the best night's sleep.

Balance essential oil is the perfect oil to add to your Epsom salt bath.

Bladder Control - One friend has shared that Balance has supported them in gaining bladder control. They rub two drops of Balance and two drops of Cypress across their bladder 1-2 times a day.

Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Study - Balance is a fantastic oil to help in your mindfulness practices. It will help your body relax, and help you ground your emotions.

Massage - Balance is used in doTERRA's AromaTouch technique. (Wondering what that is? Check out the button below!) Balance's ability to help produce emotional harmony and relaxation makes it perfect for massage. You can apply it to your own hands, or have someone else provide you with a hand massage using Balance. Want to show someone some love? (A child, grandparent, spouse, etc.) Give them a hand massage using Balance.

Feeling Anxious - There are many things in life that can cause us to feel anxious. When this happens apply Balance to your wrists and neck to help ease anxious feelings.

Shower Tablets - If you love to add aroma to your shower, here are some tablets you can try. This recipe can be used with any topical oil, but Balance will give you a grounding experience.

Essential oil shower tablets to help you unwind in the shower.

Deodorant- Most commercial deodorants include ingredients that are harmful to your body. doTERRA has a natural deodorant that is SAFE. It combines Balance essential oil with baking soda to help protect against odor. It also contains tapioca to help absorb moisture. You can use this deodorant worry-free.

Now that you've read about some uses of Balance, share with us your favorite way to use it!

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