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Everything for Baby

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A line of organic baby products.

doTERRA's Baby Line

We LOVE our babies. We do everything we can to protect them. To care for them. To keep them safe.

So why then, do we use products on them that contain toxins and harmful ingredients on them?

I am so grateful that doTERRA has come out with a line of natural, safe products for our babies. You can use these on your precious little ones with peace of mind. There are no parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, artificial colors, petrolatum, mineral oil, or talc.

A line of natural baby products so you don't have to worry about what you are using on your baby.

These products have also been clinically tested to make sure they are tear-free, safe to use, and approved for sensitive skin.

They put forth the extra effort so you can use these products with peace of mind.

Since the products have come out, people have also found a myriad of other uses for the diaper rash cream. It really is amazing all that that little bottle can be used for.

Let's take a look at each piece of the collection.

A safe and gentle baby body wash.

Baby Hair & Body Wash

This wash is foaming and tear-free. It contains raw East African Muyao shea butter which helps keeps baby's skin soft. The safe, natural ingredients help clean baby without altering their natural balance. It is gentle and clinically tested. Another perk is it contains Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Madagascar Vanilla essential oils. These give it a calming aroma that helps soothe baby before bedtime.

A baby body lotion that can help you bond with your little one.

Baby Lotion

This lotion contains shea butter, jojoba, fruit extracts, and other naturally derived humectants. What are humectants you ask? They are substances that attract water. This is why you find them in hydrating personal care products. The ingredients in the lotion have been clinically tested and were carefully chosen for sensitive skin. The lotion also includes Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Madagascar Vanilla. The moments you spend massaging your baby's skin with this lotion can lend to a sweet bonding experience. The ingredients in the lotion are gentle enough it can be used daily.

Learn about the many doTERRA Diaper Rash Cream uses.

Baby Diaper Rash Cream

All of the products in this line are wonderful, but if you talk to people that have used them they will probably tell you the diaper cream is their favorite.

Here are some of the things people say about it...

"I love the diaper cream!! It's all I'll use on both my babies. I've tried several over the years, but always come back to doTERRA's. It's light and creamy and by far the best for skin irritation." J. Rummans

"I love this cream. There are no babies in the house, but we use it for so much." A. Coleman-Williams

It spreads easily and can be used to help treat, soothe, and prevent diaper rash. It contains non-nano zinc oxide which helps create a barrier to protect from excess moisture. This is what helps prevent diaper rash before it even starts. It contains Lavender, Carrot Seed, and Tea Tree essential oils and Muyao shea butter. These ingredients help balance and soothe the skin while moisturizing. It has been clinically tested so you know it is safe.

While it was created as a diaper cream, people have tried using it for many things. Here are a few I have heard of.

  • Soothe skin irritations for all ages
  • Reduce the appearance of under-eye puffiness
  • Deodorant
  • Complexion spot treatment
  • After-shave soothing
  • Apply before going out in the sun
  • To help prevent thigh rub or other chaffing

Keep in mind, it was not created for all these things, but people have come to love it for its versatility.

A line of safe and gentle newborn baby care products.

So whether or not you have babies in your house, I hope you realize there is something for you in doTERRA's baby line!

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