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30 Field Trips in 60 Days

I now have a decade and a half of homeschool experience behind me . And WHAT a journey it has been!  We have made the choice to incorporate many hands on experience into our learning.

One thing we have done for many years is "30 Field Trips in 60 Days."

You know the parenting rule...if you start something, be prepared to do it forever!

Learning about pioneers at a cemetery.

Something To Look Forward To

My kids look forward to spring every school year and to their 30 field trips. In the years we have done this, we have created  SO many memories. We have been to National Park sites, museums, hiking, experiences, tours, parks, historical places, and more.  I believe the more senses you engage the more they will remember. Tasting special foods, smelling new scents, hearing the stories, touching new things, seeing the displays.  My older boys have favorite field trips from when they were younger that they STILL talk about...years later!

Pictures of 30 Field Trips in 60 Days

Some of our favorites have been....

  • Grand Canyon
  • Mt Rushmore
  • Mattress Factory Tour
  • Imagination Grove
  • Funks Grove Ilinois
  • City Museum in St Louis, Missouri
  • Mineral Baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • Legoland
  • Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
  • Chatanooga Choochoo
  • Graceland
  • Andersonville
  • Washington DC
  • Butterfly House in St Louis, Missouri
  • Cahokia Mounds, Illinois
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Library Scavenger Hunt
  • Ark Encounter and Creation Museum, Kentucky
Visiting and Underground Railroad house.

More Than Just a Field Trip

Spending hours in your car lends opportunity for amazing conversations, heartfelt talks,and listening to audio books together.  These times are precious. Don't just rely on a device to entertain your children.

When you are in a new area, make sure to try the local foods they are known for. Recently while traveling to New Orleans my kiddos enjoyed beignets, crawfish , and gumbo. Shop at local stores and grab a coffee at their local coffee shops.

Pictures of 30 Field Trips in 60 Days

Make Some Memories

Field trips can be close or far, free or expensive, simple or complicated,  There are so many fun experiences everywhere!  Don't be overwhelmed, just go!   You only have 18 years until they are an adult. Don't spend every day doing workbooks and sitting at a desk. Go make memories!

Grab yourself a National Park Passport, ask your kid what they want to see, and GO!

You will never get these years back...make the most of them.

Happy Field  Tripping!

xoxo Jen

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